What is the Games in Education Symposium ?

About and History

Games in Education is a multi-day symposium which focuses on the topic of using video games to supplement and inspire in-classroom education. Participants span early childhood through post secondary educators in New York’s Capital District and surrounding regions who are interested in finding ways to use video games and related technology to enrich and inspire interest by students in core curriculum topics. The symposium has run annually since 2007 and is free for educators to attend.


Our Mission

  • Enable and empower forward thinking educators with knowledge, practical in-service experiences, and connections to other pioneering educators
  • Bring nationally recognized practitioners in education to Tech Valley to share techniques and outcomes associated with use of computer/ video games to enhance classroom education and student achievement
  • Provide a forum for educators to gain hands-on familiarity with the latest technology, share experiences and ideas with their peers, and acquire an understanding of how games complement and inspire students’ interest in learning