Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Teen Game Workshop. Do you have other questions that are not on this list? Send us an email at or call us at (518) 271-8172.



  1. What happens when we finish the workshop?
    1. There’s a showcase which parents are invited to join us on the afternoon of the final day of the workshop. Aside from that, it’s up to you! If you want to continue working on your game or start a new one we encourage it!

Student Mentors

  1. I’ve previously attended the game workshop, can I attend again?
    1. Yes! Previous attendees may attend again as student mentor.
  2. What is a student mentor?
    1. Student mentors have previously attended the camp and are expected to assist other participants of the workshop when they can.
  3. Can student mentors still make their own games?
    1. Yes! Student mentors may still work on their own games. We will be confirming whether student mentors are making their own games during the workshop or not. Student mentors who choose not to make their own games open up a slot for someone else.

Community Mentors

  1. Is there training for mentors?
    1. Yes, a training session is held ahead of time for mentors participating in the workshop.
  2. What is required of mentors?
    1. Participation in the training is encouraged, some brief experimentation with the tools used in the class is helpful and a minimum of 2 hours during one of the class days.
  3. Can I visit on more than one day?
    1. Yes, as a mentor you can volunteer for more than one day during the week.
  4. What do I do as a mentor?
    1. Mentors may choose to present to the students but are also encouraged to help the students problem solve through their development issues.