Games in Education Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing free professional  development to local educators and free STEM opportunities for under-served youth.  Created with a focus on local Capital District impact, our current two events engage with local software and media professionals who volunteer their time to organize and run the events. But we do have some costs that need to be underwritten by sponsors in order to keep the events free to the participants, and thus accessible to everyone.

Currently we have two main initiatives that are in need of sponsorship: the Games in Education Symposium and the Teen Game Workshop. Please email or mail us back this sponsorship form or contact us for any questions. We have included some information below about both programs and have also created this report which is available as a PDF. We’d also be happy to discuss in detail what the opportunities are for in-kind donations.
Thank you for your support!

Games in Education Symposium

The Symposium is a two-day professional development conference for educators on utilizing technology in their teaching. The free event hosts speakers presenting from all over the country and internationally, while also facilitating hands-on workshops for teachers to get familiar first hand with the next generation tools.


Teen Game Workshop

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The Game Workshop is a free week long programming camp for high school age students where through the course of the week they learn to code a game on their own with no previous programming experience.  Students cap the week off with a presentation to their parents and fellow students showcasing what they developed. The workshop is targeted for underserved youth who might otherwise be unable to engage with and see a future with STEM fields.