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GiE 2016 Resources

Check out some awesome resources brought to us by our 2016 speakers:

GiE 2016 Presentations

Presentations from this past symposium are listed below:

Video 1: GiE 2016, Day 1


Keynote: Pokemon GO: Layering and renewal in space-based activities
Sean Dikkers

Video 2: GiE 2016, Day 1


Merging the Physical and Virtual World using Littlebits and Minecraft
Steve Isaacs, Leila Cheo-Isaacs; 6:45

Using Minecraft to Get Kids to Write
Mark Cheverton; 45:40

Teacher Pioneers
Paul Darvasi, John Fallon, Steve Isaacs, Liana Kavaloski, Caro Williams-Pierce; 2:34:00

Escape Rooms: Immersive Social-Intellectual Play
Amy Baskin; 3:32:00

How To Game Your Curriculum and Grading
Theresa Heilsberg; 4:30:00

Video 3: GiE 2016, Day 2


Keynote: Contact, Perspective and Empathy: How Video Games can Help Resolve Conflicts and Promote Peace
Paul Darvasi; 4:30

E.X.C.A.L.I.B.E.R: Explore, Quantify, Create, Analyze, Learn, Iterate, Brainstorm/break/brand, Evolve, Reflect.
Peggy Sheehy; 1:09:00

Video 4: GiE 2016, Day 2


E.X.C.A.L.I.B.E.R (cont.)
Peggy Sheehy; 0:00

¿Hablas Minecraft? Minecraft for Second Language Teachers
Glen Irvin; 33:53

Students Making Games
Seann Dikkers; 2:32:00

Teaching pre-Service Teachers to Use MinecraftEDU
Michele McColgan; 3:40:30

Creating a Collaborative Climate for Students with Significant Learning Challenges
Dan Curcio; 4:38:20

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Videos from prior years can be found on our YouTube channel.

Archived Presentations

Some archived presentations from previous years can be found here. Also be sure to check out our archive pages for old photos, schedules, and more!